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All activities will be held at the hotel

July 24 - Wednesday

Young Leaders and Master Class Boot Camp

July 25 - Thursday

Young Leaders and Master Class Boot Camp

6:30 pm
IFAJ Executive Committee Dinner

July 26 - Friday

Young Leaders and Master Class Boot Camp

9-12 noon
IFAJ Executive Committee meeting

5 - 10 pm
IFAJ Welcome Party, Padelford Riverboats

July 27 - Saturday

9 - 11:30 am
IFAJ Delegate Meeting

11:45 am - 1 pm
Luncheon with speaker, Daphne Pellegrino, advocacy officer, Reporters Without Borders USA

1:30 - 6 pm
  1. Farming on the Edge of the City (Southwest: vegetables & fruits)
  2. Precision and Mega Farm Store (South: row crops, precision farming and mega farm store)
  3. Brewskis Anyone? (City: breweries)
  4. See the City Sites (City tour of Minneapolis and St. Paul)

6:30 - 9:30 pm
All tours join for dinner at Gale Woods Farm

July 28 - Sunday

7:30 - 11:30 am
LPC, AAEA and PIF board meetings

8 am - 4 pm
InfoExpo set up

8:30 - 10 am
Continental Breakfast

10:15 - 11:30 am
IFAJ Session: GMOs and food security

11:45 am - 1 pm
Luncheon: How President Trump has impacted media in the U.S. and around the world
Speaker: John Rash, The Rash Report

1:15- 5 pm
Arboretum Extravaganza at the University of Minnesota Arboretum

1:30 - 5 pm
Photography Workshop: Mastering the Agricultural Image (off-site photo workshop is a separate fee of $125. Open to all IFAJ and AMS attendees.)
Instructors: Leah Nash and Christopher Onstott, Nash+CO Photography

Official start of 2019 Ag Media Summit
6 - 10 pm
Famous Welcome Party (both IFAJ and AMS attendees)

July 29 - Monday

7 - 8:30 am
Continental Breakfast

7:30 am - 5 pm
IFAJ Livestock Tour - Learn About Family Livestock Operations (maximum of 50 people)

8 am - 4 pm
InfoExpo set up

8:30 - 9:45 am
Learning Sessions: Block 1
  • Think Outside the Pyramid (writing)
    Speaker: Ann Wylie
  • Any Face, Any Place: Mastering the On-Location Portrait
    Speakers: Leah Nash and Christopher Onstott, Nash+CO Photography
  • Magazine Makeover: Where to start and what to consider (design)
    Speaker: Shauna Hermel, Angus Productions
  • 360 degree videos: coming at it from all angles (video)
    Speaker: Jacob Redway, Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association
  • So You Have a Podcast, Now What? (corp/PR)
    Speakers: Sara Steever, Paulsen & Kelsey Litchfield
  • Communicating with Impact: boosting personal presence (sales/general)
    Speaker: Gail Calhoun, Calhoun Consulting

9:45 - 10:15 am
Coffee Break

10:15 - 11:30 am
Learning Sessions: Block 2
  • Color Readers Fascinated (writing)
    Speaker: Ann Wylie
  • Bring out the Best of the Beast: Creating Powerfully Authentic Livestock Images (photo)
    Speakers: Shawn Nielsen and Scott Whitman, AgriLife Studios
  • Intro to Infographics (design)
    Speaker: Matt Strelecki, Meredith Agri Media
  • Video Power in Your Pocket (video)
    Speaker: Erica Hanna, Puke Rainbows
  • From B to Z: Talking About My Generation: A discussion about timeless communication and leadership styles (general)
    Speaker: Gail Calhoun, Calhoun Consulting
  • Data Drives Sustainable Solutions (newsmaker)
    Dr. Steven Ward, The Climate Corporation, Justin Stock, Stock Farms, and Patrick Christie, Conservis

11:45 - 1 pm
Luncheon featuring student recognition and awards

1:15 - 2:30 pm
Learning Sessions: Block 3
  • Make Magic with Metaphor (writing)
    Speaker: Ann Wylie
  • Stand Out on Social with Design that Delivers (design)
    Speaker: Nicole Lane Erceg, Certified Angus Beef, LLC
  • Ace Aerial Imagery: Pro Tips for Shooting Impactful Aerial Video and Photos (video)
    Speakers: Scott Regan, AgriLife Studios
  • 30 Ideas in 60 Minutes for Sales Success (sales)
    Speakers: Sheri Seger, DTN/Progressive Farmer; Cliff Becker, Farm Journal, Kathy LaScala,
    American Angus Association; Tyler Smith, Meredith Agri Media
  • Influencers - how to cultivate, manage and work with them (corp/PR)
    Kiersten Schroeder, broadhead + and TBD

2:45 - 4 pm
Learning Sessions: Block 4
  • Master the Art of Storytelling (writing)
    Speaker: Ann Wylie
  • Think Like a Movie-Maker: Cinematographic Techniques for Compelling Visual Stories (photo/video)
    Speakers: Scott Regan, Scott Whitman and Shawn Nielsen, AgriLife Studios
  • Trends in Cover Design (design)
    Speakers: Matt Strelecki, Meredith Agri Media; Amy Gohman, Colle+McVoy, Rachael Davis, Noble Research Institute
  • Taking social media to the next level; 6 steps to success (corp/PR)
    Speaker: Jeff Hoffelt, Filament
  • In Need of a Lifeline: Today’s Farmer Emotional Health Issues (newsmaker panel)
    Panelists: Ted Matthews, Minnesota Rural Mental Health; Dr. Josie Rudolphi, Marshfield Clinic Research
    Institute’s National Farm Medicine Center; David Anthony Loberg, Nebraska farmer
    Moderator: Holly Spangler, Farm Progress

4:30 - 7:30 pm
InfoExpo Grand Opening and Reception followed by open evening

July 30 - Tuesday

7 am
Box breakfasts available for tours

7:30 am - 5 pm
  1. Dairy, Dairy and More Dairy (West: dairy)
  2. Family Farms Make Precision Decisons (West: beef and crops)
  3. University Research Pays Off – Group A (north to south)
  4. University Research Pays Off – Group B (south to north)

8:15 - 10:15 am
InfoExpo open

10:30 - 11:45 am
Learning Sessions: Block 5
  • Rock on Writing! (writing)
    Speaker: Steve Werblow, Steve Werblow Communications
  • Get More from Your Next Photo Shoot (photo)
    Speaker: David Lundquist, CHS
  • Video Power in Your Pocket (video) (repeat from Monday)
    Speaker: Erica Hanna, Puke Rainbows
  • Elevating Excellence In A Cynical World (corp/PR)
    Speaker: TBD
  • Ethics (topic TBD) (general)
    Speaker: TBD

12 noon - 2 pm
Working Lunch in InfoExpo

2:15 - 3:45 pm
AAEA Annual Business Meeting

2:15 - 4:15 pm
LPC Annual Business Meeting followed by Contest Awards presentations

4 - 5 pm
ACT Critique and Contest Awards followed by business meeting

4:15 - 5:30 pm
AAEA Contest Awards presentations

5:30 - 7 pm
Cocktail reception for everyone

6:45 - 8:30 pm
AMS Closing Dinner and Awards

7 - 8:30 pm
IFAJ Closing Dinner and Awards

8:30 - 11:30 pm
Celebration Closing Party

July 31 - Wednesday

Post event tours depart hotel
  1. California
  2. South Dakota/Minnesota


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