got clutter?

by Rita Emmett

Rita Emmett is a professional speaker, consultant, "Recovered Pack Rat" and best-selling author of The Clutter-Busting Handbook.

Are you a Pack Rat who saves everything because somebody might need it someday? And, now, you're overwhelmed with too much stuff? Or, are you a victim of the "Clutter Shuffle," moving your clutter from here to there, but never really getting rid of it?

In my session, "Got Clutter," at the 2012 Ag Media Summit, I assured attendees that clutter doesn't come from being lazy, unorganized or messy. Rather, that clutter stems from several habits.

To help you break from those habits, here are a few simple and energizing tips:

  • Stop saving all those goofy things that you never need or use

  • Stop bringing goofy things into your life that you never need or use

  • Find places to put your stuff

  • Stop setting things down and not putting them where they belong

  • Cultivate new habits to keep clutter from returning

Once you've eliminated unneeded and unused stuff, and set boundaries on what you allow to come into your home or work space, you will be delighted by how much easier it is to find places for your stuff (and how much easier it is to find what you want when you want it).




Home Clutter (161 KB pdf)
Desk Clutter (161 KB pdf)
Paper Clutter (161 KB pdf)
Techno Clutter (161 KB pdf)


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